'' Massage therapy - an ancient healing art with modern applications''


Benefits of Reflexology

        Reflexology treatments can take up to an hour or more and usually about six weekly sessions are recommended for optimum results. A trained reflexologist will, like other professionals in complementary healthcare, take a detailed case history on your firstvisit. You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks and sit on a treatment couch or special reclining chair. The general appearance of your foot will be examined as any sores or corns cannot receive pressure.



              Reflexology is a gentle complementary therapy in which the practitioner applies controlled pressure with thumbs or fingers to specific areas of the feet (or sometimes the hands). It is based on the theory that every organ, structure and part of the body is mirrored in the feet and that any problem or tension in the body is reflected in the related part of the foot. The nerve endings primarily in the feet are stimulated by specific massage techniques to effect changes in another part of the body and thereby to create a healthy system and help overcome disease.

              Although there is scriptural evidence to suggest that reflexology was being practised as far back asancient Egypt, the science of reflexology used today was founded by Dr William Fitzgerald, an American ear nose and throat surgeon. He noticed that pressure on specific areas of the body produced an anaesthetising effect on a related area. Developing his theory, he divided the body into ten equal zones which ended in the feet and hands.
              Nerve endings are embedded in the feet and hands that then travel to the spinal cord and to various parts of the body. Stimulating these nerve endings thereby helps promote relaxation, improve circulation, stimulate vital organs in the body and encourage the body's natural healing processes. Unlike conventional medicine, reflexology works on the underlying problems within the body and works through the body's nervous system.

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